What percentage of patient deductibles and co-pays is your hospital currently collecting?

How much of your hospital’s bad debt is associated with the patient registration process?

What percentage of your denied claims is associated to the patient access process?

How much are you spending to reprocess denied claims linked to errors in patient access?

How long are your patients waiting just to be registered for a scheduled procedure?

Improves Patient

  • Personalized Service
  • One time data collection
  • Patient friendly estimates prior to time of service
  • Reduced wait times

Improves Data Quality

  • Real-time patient information
  • Accurate and detailed eligibility and benefits information
  • Reduced back office rework

Increases Cash Flow

  • Improved up front collections
  • Timely submission of clean claims
  • Improved days in A/R

Decreases Denied Claims & Bad Debt

  • Reduction in denials related to front end
  • Up front collection efforts result in reduced A/R
  • Reduction in uncompensated care and the associated collection costs