Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How will H-Pass impact my patients?
A1: Your patients will experience reduced wait times and upfront knowledge of plan coverage and financial responsibility.

Q2: Can H-Pass help me with my denials related to the Patient Access Process?
A2: Yes, with our highly trained staff of specialists and patented QA process, H-Pass has consistently achieved best practice performance.

Q3: What increase can I expect in my Front End Collections?
A3: Although every hospital is different, H-Pass has historically achieved a 60 to 80 percent improvement.

Q4: Will I have to allocate additional IT resources to maintain this service?
A4: No. There is no additional maintenance required beyond initial set up.

Q5: How long does H-Pass take to implement?
A5: Approximately 3 to 5 weeks

Q6: Can H-Pass service a hospital of any size?
A6: H-Pass has a variety of service options to fit any size hospital.

Q7: How can I obtain additional H-Pass information or schedule an H-Pass presentation?
A7: Simply click on the contact tab and provide the requested info and a customer representative will contact you shortly.